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At least that’s how I see myself. Jesus is my life; the rest is just the means at which I get to serve Him and show that He is my life. While I blogged four years prior to 2011, I wrestled for 9 months with a new life and new skin having been diagnosed bipolar.  I was in the hospital just 2 weeks before Charlie Sheen’s famous “winning” interview.  While discovering how to live as a bipolar Christ follower, I was re-diagnosed (a.k.a. correctly diagnosed), to simply a different concoction of neurological challenges (this was quite the back and forth diagnosis – “on second opinions”). Through ups and downs, an amazingly faithful wife and three great kids, I am learning what it means to be bornagainagain, regardless of diagnosis or label. While the birth pangs of life are tough and the journey is often slow, I’m hopeful. Hopeful in Christ alone, but hopeful for the Kingdom of God both now and yet to come for eternity.

This blog began out of my wife and my journey in 2011. The story as we shared (nearly verbatim) can be found on the blog entitled onhope:bornagainagin. So many thoughts have welled up within me as a result that have led me to a passion wanting to share in writing so much of what God has breathed in me and it’s exciting to share both for others and myself.

May you be blessed as you read, laugh, cry, get frustrated, disagree, have “ah ha!” moments and more. I encourage you to email or post any questions, thoughts, responses or your own blog that you’d want to share either privately or publicly.

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