Continuing from post-surgery, post-fire recovery …

  1. Dial-up
  2. Microwaved Pizza
  3. Marathon
  4. One-Sized-Fits-All
  5. Plateaus
  6. Paradox
  7. Healing Elsewhere

8. Recovery/Restoration from something else is just right around the corner!

Can you say fire? Only 55 days after surgery, the fire occurred. Just when I felt like I was on the mend, a new opportunity from which to recover presented itself. When I read the book of Acts, it is hard not to see similar patterns of challenges before Paul and the other disciples of Jesus. The same was true of Jesus Himself. From healing to being lowered over a wall to escape death to being worshiped during Passover to being crucified to being resurrected. Talk about a roller coaster of recovery/restoration!

I’m tired. Being out of routine is stretching to me, and certainly is our kids. And my neck? That’s been an afterthought.

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