So apparently God doesn’t just show up in the Sanctuary of the church or the pastor’s office.  I was waiting for copies to be made in my church office and while they were printing from my computer very slowly, I was thinking about my students at church.  Then myself.  Then I just started writing.  It was one of those, “I just encountered God moments.”  What started as a few thoughts to maybe share at youth group one night turned into a journal and a Word from God that I believe paralleled His Word and was clear to me.  I left the office saying, “I’m not the same.”  I feel excited.  Like today I was baptized or something.  Probably like I should feel more Sundays after church, but this wasn’t directly after being in fellowship with brothers and sisters, but instead being in God’s presence & what I believe to be His grip.  It’s my prayer that out of this will come much.  Ministries I’m involved in need revival.  But that revival needs to start with me.  My prayer is this is the start.  Tomorrow I’m excited to get up at five to pray and read.  And I don’t want it to stop!

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