One of my flag football players hasn’t had but one tackle all year–and that one because he bumped into a guy and his flag fell off (according to him, I didn’t see it).  Right before yesterday’s semi-final game he told me he was going to make a tackle (grab a flag).  I told him he really needed to and we as a team needed him to.  He simply responded, “I’ll do my best.”

One 4th down in the 2nd quarter and the other team about to score, a guy ran by this player and the Woodland player had, in essence, one more guy to beat before scoring the touchdown.  Our player grabbed his flag from behind.  I was pumped!  Not only b/c it was fourth down, but because it was this particular player & our conversation before the game came true.  It really made my day!  But that wasn’t it.

As he came off the field, I gave him a big high five & I said something like, “I told you so, you did it!  Actually, you told me! Way to go! You saved a touchdown!”

He looked me right in the eye after I said that and said, “You know why . . . My dad is here.”  In two years I’ve never seen his dad.  I’ve taught for a year and a half and only heard about dad.  All he cared about was his dad seeing it!

We won the game, but honestly it didn’t matter all that much.  Oh to be a dad who is there . . .

Lord, bless this boy and his dad and their relationship.  Bless all dads like him and boys who have dads like this!  God, grant his dad to be the man after your heart he needs to be so that the boy can grow into the man you want him to be . . . All for your glory.  God, I thank you for Ted.  What an amazing child of yours.  I pray he understands how You love Him, who You are and how he is to live after You.  Will You create an excitement for You through your Word, your joy, your Spirit and your blessing through his life?  Will you grant that this boy and others like him become a men who desire to please you because of what You’ve done, who You are and how You long for each of us to use our gifts?  Encourage him, Lord.  Bless his father with Truth, love, understanding, time with his son and a new perspective because of this single moment.  Thank you, Jesus.  Amen.

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