I can’t believe how different life is without a computer! It’s been a few weeks since my work computer has been wiped but I’ve still been able to get online if need be. But for the last five days I’ve been nearly barren. OccAsionally I’ve found time to sneak on but only for absolutely necessary needs. I’m blessed to have my smart phone (at least for now), but even I has some limitations.

I also can’t believe how much my “writing” is stunted in the process. Looking back, I’ve written regularly on computers for the last 15 years. I’ve had a few journals but most of the time writing has been digital (something about saving it easier … And handwriting!)

My itch to write continues and I can’t contain all the topics I want to journey into. In part the writing is for me, but in a weird sense I feel thAt it is for others either now or down the road as well.

Since being computerless I’ve read and cleaned and played with my kids like never before. It’s amazing. Certainly I still long to have that avenue, but there’s just something so healthy about the things that have been stripped from me (granted I’ve given everything up more than willingly). You just never realized how hooked you are on “things” until you go without. Among the many recently “withouts” include: caffeinated coffee, espn3.com to watch bowl games, switchfoot music (I willingly chose only to listen to Christmas music since Thanksgiving), a computer, the identity of being a pastor, the work of church (this being my first day of many to come not going, Pathway in particular (which is terribly difficult to not think about and amazingly wonderful knowing I don’t have to), people’s junk, school for the kids, the reliance of a check coming, heat in the car, a job, and probably more.

Man I’m grateful. I’ve got health, I’ve got a new appreciation for so much. I’ve got grace and redemption. I’ve freedom. I’ve the most amazing wife and kids on the planet. I’ve for shelter, transportation, communication, peace, joy, love to and from others, food, time, new opportunities before me, understanding, life, medicine, God’s Word, Jesus the Christ’s incarnation, life, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension.

Lord help me keep that perspective. Thank you for what I’m without and what more we will be without in the days and weeks to come and help us as a family and me as the leader of it to practice true contentment and faith in the midst of what many would see is a difficult time. Jesus, Yoh and You alone are Lord and I trust You. Amen.

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