It was just this week that Caleb learned to tell his sisters apart.  So cool!  Over the past year  & a half he’s guessed correctly and not so correctly at times, but it was quite the joy when he had confidence and was certain of the difference between them.  When I asked him how he could tell them apart, his first response was that one had a bigger head than the other, but when asked again he simply said, “Because Jesus Made Me To.”  How cute, precious, sweet, and TRUE!  It was a joy to hear him recognize God’s in some form of control in his little life.  He said it matter-of-factly and repeatedly throughout the day as I continued to ask (really trying to hear more about the first response).  He’s so sweet, so much a part of God’s teaching me during this season of life and such a responsibility to impart the Truth of God and His Word.

He’s grown so much in 4+ years and he knows of a life with God completely and totally a part of it.  His prayers might be repetitive, his motive mixed at singing and going to church, but he’s truly pure and shown the Word and life with Christ to be important.  He sees quite a few mistakes and I have the opportunity to teach him how better to handle situations & it’s ridiculously humbling.  He’s a great big brother, a loving son despite the self-seeking nature that exists in all of us (especially at 4) & he’s truly a joy to be around.  I thank God for him.  I can only hope that when all is said & done that he continues to grow in the Lord and live fore Him.

Lord, may you bless Caleb, Kate & Kenzie and help them grow in You until they are old in age and help them to live in and for You all their days.  May they know who you are by your Word, Worship, my life, Sherry’s life and wisdom, friends, other family and others who come into their life.  Keep them protected and safe in the midst of the storms and rockiness that life throws them.  May you be pleased by them.  

I guess the craziest thing in all of this is that my writing, my prayer and my heart for them is so similar to God’s heart for me. The Lord is so loving and righteous.  Thank you, Lord.

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