You know how you get those robots on the phone?  Those “people” who can miraculously understand what you’re saying or who drive you nuts when they say things like, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t understand you, can you please repeat what you said?”

I was driving in San Francisco this week and my brother had Mrs. Google telling us where to go.  She was so sweet and prompt.  She really did a good job getting us where we needed to go.  I was thankful for her indeed.  Even when I made a mistake in my driving, she didn’t get frustrated at me and call me an idiot, moron or directionally challenged.  How nice.  And ironically there’s been times when I’ve blamed the voice for my mistakes as if it was his/her fault!

These “things” give us directions as to which direction I should turn, yet I don’t only just ignore them but at times blame them!  Maybe I’m not as clear thinking (or speaking) as I think I am.  And yet those voices are so patient with me.  They know the answers (well, most).  And yet I argue them.  And I’m not patient with them!

I wish I was as nice as automated people.  In pressure situations.  When taking a Sunday drive.  When sitting at the dinner table in a “discussion” wondering who is right about a fact.  Whenever.  I mean, I don’t know why I get so stressed.  But I do  And my stress leads to reactions instead of healthy responses.  And my (our) reactions?  Unless super well-trained, they’re often not our best side.  But I think that’s what the sanctification process is all about.  Sanctification is just the road we travel to become more like Jesus after we choose Him as the Lord of our life and die to sin.  It’s like a baseball who’s been drafted and starts in single-A ball.  They work to make it towards double-A then AAA then the big leagues!  And even when they reach that point they’re striving to become an all-star, hall of famer, to never strike out or never pitch a ball.  There are always ways we strive to be more like Christ.  That is the process of life on earth after we become Jesus followers.  We can’t earn salvation, being bought with the price of His sacrifice and overcoming of death, but we sure to want to give Him all we have in response.

So is God like an automated person?  As a living, breathing, loving being, I would scream NO WAY! to that question, but he maintains control in such a way that we can only hope to have the same self-control.  He’s patient with us even when we doubt.  He has ALL the answers (unlike Siri, as you may know).  And he constantly gives truth and instructions that we have the audacity to argue.  I mean, who do we think we are?  Unlike the automations that we can program, God has total control.  And yet we think we can program Him.  Hmm . . .

I still wish I was nice as automated people.  And I’m glad our God isn’t automated.

Our God is a consuming fire . . . Hebrews12:29

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