So my wife and I have been going back and forth for the last 8 months about getting an iPad. It’s been more of an ongoing joke than anything else but we decided to see how much it would cost with the bells and whistles she (and I) want(s). Sure, the thing is (only) $500, but after a case, a warranty, a keyboard and more, we are looking at around $750.

Same thing with the iPhone I want that’s $199 but $400 with warranty, case, tax and activation fee.

See, things always cost more than they’re advertised for. So often we share the gospel as a free gift that will change your life forever. And it will. Most noticeably in eternity but it changes quite a bit on earth as well. But do we neglect the reality of the necessary accessories to make our faith both protected, reassured and real?

Jesus says that whoever wants to save his life will lose it. And those who lose it will save it. He says that if we are ashamed of Him on earth He will be in heaven. Feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, visiting those in prison and more in Matthew 25 indicate there are some serious accessories of the faith that raise the cost quite a bit. Taking up our cross daily, throwing away judgment from our heart and loving God and others in the way we are called to seem to be pretty awesome but expensive accessories.

My girls are ridiculously into accessories and while it’s quite cute and comical at five, I so long for them to know they are beautiful without the accessories. But in the same breath I’m ok with them having that extra reassurance and joy of spending a little more work to beautify themselves. In fact, they actually do quite an impressive job!

I wonder if we have excluded the accessories in the faith: the sacrifice, the time, the money, the laying down of ourselves and more. They are necessary and desirable to make faith better much like those for the electronics. And like my daughters, the accessories of the faith help reassure us of our role and our condition being God’s child even if we don’t need them to be His.

Have hope that you might live a Christian faith with the necessary accessories. With God the Spirit you can.

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